Crazy Play At the Plate

Realize that without anything on the line this would be a crazy play.  Add to it that this was the bottom of extra innings and if the run scored, it would have ended the game and this becomes about the craziest play ever.

What really impresses me about this play is the calm of the umpire.  I would like to think I would be that calm, but then again, I like to think the Cubs will be competitive each season (although this year they will).

First, he gets in position to see if there was an initial tag.  He calmly makes no call letting everyone know he has no tag and no touch.  Then he swings around to get a look at the next tag attempt.

He then moves a player out of his way to get in position for the final tag play.  Oh, and on that tag play he waits a split second to make sure the player had control of the ball.  Excellent timing all the way around.

Some folks on message boards have wondered about getting an out for running out of baseline.  While the runner does move backwards, I don’t think he ever gets more than 3 feet out of his basepath while a tag is being attempted.  Baseline and basepath are covered on page 52 of RuleGraphics.

Good umpiring all around.

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