Ejection, Bump, Suspension

Things get heated on the diamond.  We all get that, but bumping an umpire is a no-no.

Before talking about the ejection, let’s talk about the play.  This was a college game, but the rule in the pros and high school is very similar.  In professional baseball batter interference with a catcher is Rule 6.06(c).  It is one of the few interference calls that results in a delayed dead ball.

In my opinion, the umpire nailed all aspects of this one.

First, the interference is spot on.  Look at how the batter leaves the batter’s box and crosses in front of the catcher.  That is the hallmark of interference.

Second, the umpire waits until the play at second is concluded.  If the throw from the catcher would have put out the runner, the interference is disregarded.  In this play, the runner beats the play so the interference is called.  Many people mistakenly think the runner is out, but it is the batter that is out (unless the interference happens with a runner coming home and less than 2 outs).

As for the ejection and suspension, as the old adage go, coaches don’t get ejected but they eject themselves.  Throwing the hat pretty much made the ejection automatic.  The bump makes the suspension automatic.

This play is covered on page 42 of RuleGraphics.

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