Leapin’ Lizards (or Waves)

Here is a play that is making the rounds on social media. It is another example of the importance of knowing the rules of the level you are working.

On the base hit to right field, the throw from the outfield looks to have the runner dead to rights. Out of desperation, the runner jumps over the catcher avoiding the tag. He scurries back to the plate and scores a run.

In college and the pros (and by extension of pros, most youth organizations), this play is legal. But, in high school, this runner would be out.

According to high school rule 8.4.2 (b)(2) a runner can only leap over a fielder if they are completely on the ground. The catcher was not on the ground in this play. Also of note, a runner can never dive over a fielder (even if they are on the ground). The ball stays alive in these instances unless interference is called.

One more thing from this video. Look at how cool and collected the home plate umpire is. He keeps his position at point of plate as the play is developing. He moves to third base line extended to get a great angle. He sees the missed tag and missed touch of home and makes no call. He finally calls safe when the runner gets the plate. Great job all around on a very odd play.

Slides are not formally covered in RuleGraphics since it covered Professional Baseball. One day we hope to put out versions for other rule sets.




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