Bouncing Balls

Hit by pitch should be the easiest rule to understand. Pitch hits batter; batter gets first base. Yet, there are a few instances where there is confusion.

At this point, folks are probably wondering why I linked to a video where a guy hits a double. It is not any ordinary double as the ball bounced before he hit the ball. It is a hit that Roger Federer would be proud of.

What does this have to do with a hit by pitch? Well, some people will argue with umpires that a pitch that bounces and hits the batter does not afford him first base. This is hogwash. If a batter can hit a bounced pitch, they can be hit by a bounced pitch.

Further, Rule 6.08(b) says nothing about being hit by an “in flight” ball. Also, the ball is not dead when the ball hits the ground. There are a few instances where a batter can be hit by a pitch and not receive first base. The pitch bouncing first is not one of them.

Hit by pitch is covered on page 41 of RuleGraphics.


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