Amateur Umpire Blog

Umpiring is a niche business. Most of the most prominent sites devoted to umpiring (ABUA, Umpire-Empire, Steve the Ump), I have seen and visit quite frequently. In fact, if any of these three were ever blocked by my work’s firewall, I would have a seizure.

I did run across a new one today: Amateur Umpire Blog on WordPress . He was nice enough to contact me after seeing a thread on Umpire Empire about the book. He wrote a post about it.

I spent some time on the site and found lots of other great worthwhile material. In particular, he posted some instructional videos from clinics in his area. Both (plays at the plate and covering steals from “B” position) resonated with me. As I stated in a previous post, I am more of a rules umpire for now.

Hearing how others explain these mechanics will help my game considerably. He also posted some quick videos on specific rules. They are well done and worth your time as a refresher.

Lastly, he has some nice links worth checking out.

It was a nice find on a Sunday night.



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