Coaches ejecting themselves

There is some NSFW or NSFC (Children) language in this clip.

The old adage is that umpires don’t eject managers, managers eject themselves. The statement is meant to convey that a manager is the one doing the acting out so the umpire is just ruling on it. Some folks think umpires are head hunters (some probably are) but for the most part, ejections are a pain in the behind.

This clip though takes the adage quite literally. Lip reading you can see Matt Williams say to the umpire “you are going to have to throw me out of this game”. His wish was granted.

I get it. Part of a manager’s job at that level is to stick up for his guys. Williams knew he was going to be run before getting to the umpire. Given mandatory suspensions at the amateur level, this type of line will be used less if any.

Side note on this clip – while the pitches looked up and the Nationals were furious. The K-zone for both showed them as strikes. Good calls.


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