Easy Double Play

Here is a play that shows how much the players and announcers don’t understand the rules. Of course, I cannot hit a curve ball and trip over my words so I will give them a break.

The infield fly rule was in effect with the bases loaded and 1 out. The batter skies one about 20 feet in front of home plate. The home plate umpire clearly is pointing up and calling the rule.

When the infield fly is called, the batter is out (out #2). Since the batter is out, all forces are removed. There cannot be a force out if the batter runner is put out.

When the ball drops, the runner on third thinks he has to run. The catcher easily tags him for out #3.

For fun, he throws the ball to second base. The runner there realizes there is 3 outs and starts walking off the field. The announcers declare he is out after tagged. Awesome – 4 outs! Defense only has to get 2 next inning (that was a joke).

The infield fly is designed to protect the offense from getting an easy double play turned against them. I suppose they forgot that intent on this play.

Infield Fly is covered on page 31 and force plays are on page 30 of RuleGraphics.


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