Kick your feet up and stay

I noticed we have gotten a fair amount of traffic today. I suppose people enjoy reading the terror of Cubs’ blown saves past.

Just a quick recap on the intention of this blog. The blog itself publishes short articles explaining baseball rules. We augment the posts with video to help the explanations. We are a go to destination for help in learning rules.

The blog is in support of our simpler version of the baseball rule book called RuleGraphics. It is available here. We think learning the rules of baseball should be a whole lot easier than relying on the current rule book and old myths. Our book is a great starting point receiving praise from umpires and fans alike.

It was the #1 Hot New Release in the baseball/coaching sub category of Amazon in March.

Our website  contains samples of the book, information on the authors, how to buy (if you are looking for digital copies), and other goodies.

There are plenty of ways to connect with us.

We are on Google+

We are on Twitter

We are on Facebook

We are on Instragram. Take a #rulegraphicsselfie at your favorite ballpark and send it to us.

Thanks for stopping by, kick your feet up and stay awhile, connect with us, ask questions about anything rule related you would like covered.


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