Eyes and ears

The Phillies and Mets game last night featured all sorts of fun stuff. Here is a play from that game.

The umpire calls catcher’s interference. On a ball that is not put in play the penalty is pretty easy – the batter gets first base and other runners advance only if forced.

The interesting thing about this call is usually how it is determined by the umpire. It is sound and not sight. Sure, some guys could probably see this – if they are Superman.

The ball hitting the bat makes a distinctive sound – a knock (or a ping in high school). The ball hitting the batter makes a distinctive sound – a thud. The ball hitting a glove makes a sound – a pop. Lastly, the bat hitting the glove makes a sound – sort of like a knick.

The rule of thumb is if you hear the knick or if you hear two sounds, it is likely catcher’s interference.

Give the announcers credit in this one for describing the sound element. I also give credit to the umpire for selling the call. As to the correctness of the call – that is too close to tell given the video.

Catcher’s interference is on page 43 of RuleGraphics.


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