Gettin’ it right

Chalk up this play to “it happens to all of us”. MLB is not allowing this to be embedded yet.

The ball clearly hits the base yet the umpire calls a foul ball. Right away from the look on his face, you can tell he was unsure.

He got together with his crew and they decided to overturn the call. At this point they had to choose where to put the runner. Second base seemed like a reasonable place.

There are a lot of new procedures in place to help “get the call right”. In MLB obviously they can get together – otherwise this crew would have not followed protocol. In college there are rules for when a crew can get together. I believe that fair/foul is one of them once it goes to the outfield (I don’t do college baseball).

Consider high school baseball to be the outlier. If this were a high school game, the umpire would have to eat his call. Once an umpire calls “foul” and the ball hits the ground – it is a foul ball.

Page 37 of RuleGraphics covers fair/foul balls. Click on our website to see samples and find out how to order a copy.


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