Week of full moons

There must be something in the air or water of baseball players and managers this week. There have been some pretty epic blow ups.

Yesterday Torii Hunter did not like the strike 2 and 3 calls of the home plate umpire. He was ejected and proceeded to start taking off clothes and equipment.

I am sure the score and the fact the Twins are struggling a bit had nothing to do with the ejection. As far as ejections go, this one was easy. You cannot argue balls and strikes. The umpire gave him a chance to walk away, he did not, he was run.

Hunter’s blow up was nothing compared to Lloyd McClendon.

Again, the umpire puts up a stop sign and gives the manager a chance to stay in the game. Managers don’t get ejected rather they eject themselves.

He has it out with three umpires on one ejection. The thing I really like about these is the calm demeanor of the umpires. The famous phrase is “silence cannot be misquoted”. By staying calm, they really, really make Lloyd look aggressive and out of control – which he was.

Last thing – why do announcers always make a point to say “he is getting his money’s worth” when there is an ejection. The manager certainly did not pay any money. What worth is he going after. They usually just look more like jackweeds when they carry on like this. Just silly.

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