100th post

I was just looking at some of my stats and saw this will be my 100th post. That is pretty cool. For those unaware, this blog is in support of my book RuleGraphics: Professional Baseball.

It is a book that takes the difficulty and confusion out of baseball rules by putting all the information on one page. From definitions, key points, sample plays, and illustrations, everything that is needed to understand a rule is in one place. In addition, the book is organized in a simple, straight forward way.

We are trying to kill rule myths one at a time.

I found this interesting play from the big leagues:

This is actually something that most fans understand but it is funny to see anyway.

A ball that touches first, second or third base is a fair ball. It is fair no matter what happens after it touches the base. Most of the time when a ball touches a base it takes a funny hop and the batter makes it to first.

It does not happen often but it is not terribly unique either. Just something that adds a bit of color to the game. Fair/foul ball is covered on page 37 of RuleGraphics.


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