You gotta be kidding me

April Fool’s Day. The day where people try to one up each other with pranks. I have already seen a few websites pull off some fun stuff.

I decided I would focus this April 1 post on a call that is so ridiculous that players were left wondering if it was a joke.

Of course, I don’t want to spend time here knocking other officials – something about glass houses and stones. Basically, I would hate it if someone took video of my worst calls and put them out for all to see. Trust me, a blown call bothers a good umpire more than any player or coach.

So, where can I find such a bad call – how about a video game?

This is from MLB 14 the show. I am sure when the player saw his guy was out a controller was thrown.

This is all in fun, but there is something really wonky about the video. The team that made this video put in painstaking hours to get details correct for ballparks, players, announcers. Yet, they have this umpire make the call in foul territory on one knee.

When is the last time you saw a major league ump call a ground ball to SS from this position. The answer is never.

Video game ump’s timing is a little quick as well.



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